Synthetic Moissanite

Although the main purpose of Moissanite is to simulate diamond, it is meant to be the more affordable version of the most beautiful stone on the planet Earth. We, as a jewelry factory, give it a bit different meaning though. The majority of our jewelry is produced with diamonds. However, sometimes our clients order Engagement rings set with Cubic Zirconia, and this is certainly not the recommended solution – in terms of longevity and quality CZ do not excel – they will most probably be scratched with time, and consequently the end customer could lose confidence in jewelry shop owner which could be blamed for low product quality. And this is precisely the reason why we offer Synthetic Moissanite as (still affordable) upgrade from CZ and White (transparent) Sapphires as well.

Synthetic Moissanite

The synthetic moissanite is a bit more expensive than aforementioned stones, but is, most certainly of better quality. Its hardness makes it the second most resistant stone to scratches. In terms of brilliance and generally light performance – moissanite has higher refractive index than diamond. A different type of brilliance is what makes it possible to distinguish it from a diamond.

It is worth mentioning that natural Moissanite does exist, but is found in tiny crystals only. All Moissanite stones used in jewelry industry are therefore of synthetic origin.

To summarize, our opinion as a renowned factory and jewelry expert is quite simple – use a diamond whenever possible. Of course, as B2B company we will set any kind of stone that you or your client require, but also, from 2021 we recommend Moissanite as better option than Cubic Zirconia.

Synthetic Moissanite is offered in all available sizes. Our stock of bigger stones is available online, while other, smaller sizes, intended to be set in wedding rings are available for order as a Cubic Zirconia replacement (the stone setting is charged based on the standard CZ price list, with a symbolic additional charge per stone).

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