Why register? (info for business partners)

By registering on our website www.zlatarna-krizek.com you will have access to all the features and benefits that make finding exactly the right product quick and easy.

Access to wholesale prices
All prices published online are retail prices. 
Upon registration wholesale prices are visible, as well as additional information and features:
- detailed wholesale price specification (price of the material, the labour price, and the price of the stones)
- ability to change the width of a ring - total price is automatically calculated depending on the selected width and displayed in multiple gold finesse (8k, 14k, and 18k) 
- ability to make a reservation or buy diamonds available on stock

Shopping cart and Favorites
You like some products but you won't buy them now? Put them to your favorites and get back to them in a month or two. When you place items in the cart (named Order), and you submit your order, it is not obligatory for you to buy them! It is meant to be an automated list of chosen items for you to help you get the quotations. For instance, maybe you are considering buying 3 sets of rings in 750 gold with diamonds, 5 sets in 585 gold with QZ and 1 set in silver and QZ, but you first want detailed specified estimates. We will be happy to make the best price for you!

If you are selecting your personally picked wedding-ring collection, 20 or 200 pieces, put them in the Order and send us the list in two clicks with the request for an quotation. The program will automatically calculate the price of gold, but don't get intimidated, the average price of a brass sample is 16 euros per pair. Please don't forget to write for how many shops you want this collection, although if we are not already cooperating, it might be best to start slowly, and you might want to order a sample for only one shop so that you can test our performance.

We can only accept payments via bank transfer, so PayPal and credit cards are not an option on our website for the time being. The Order form is just a request for quotation, you can not buy and pay directly on website.

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