Brass samples

Imagine having 1000 models of wedding rings on your display!

In brass, this is easily possible. We, as wedding ring producers, strongly promote brass samples, prior to the silver or gold ones, for you to present in your shops and collect piece by piece orders. Quantity sells!

Why not gold?
Well, if you want your samples in gold and you can afford it, we will be happy to produce this for you! There is no better quality than gold.


The estimated value of a 500-pair collection in 585 gold is approx. 150.000 €*, while in brass it costs 8.000 euros. From an economic point of view – the time needed for a return on investment, is not comparable by any means.

It is much cheaper to pay insurance for brass collections than for gold ones, and less stressful to lose it due to any unforseen events. Regardless, you should keep your brass collection in vaults at night, as robbers can mistake it for real gold.

We provide a lifetime warranty for our brass samples. The white color is more resistant to atmospheric influences, while yellow and pink sometimes could get darker due to oxidation, exposure to artificial light or sun in the shop window. If you wash them (yellow and pink samples) once a year, they will regain their day-one appearance! If they get too dark and permanently lose shine, we will replace them, at any time.

We are not specialized in silver samples, since silver is too soft for machine work and it requires a lot of extra effort to produce. Therefore if you insist on having silver samples, it will take longer for you to receive them, you will pay more and we can't give same lifetime warranty on oxidation.

*Price depends on a price of gold

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