Stone setting

Stone setting
Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, Qubic zirconia, Aquamarine, Black Diamond – WHAT YOU CAN SELL, WE CAN SET IT. Please have in mind that natural Amethyst, Emerald and Peridot are very soft stones and they won't last for long in your customers' wedding rings.

There are so many aspects of quality, and we specialize in all of them:

Precision – all stones have to be set equally deep in metal, they have to be the same size and color, the setting finish must be the same on each stone. To insure this, all 6 setter workstations are fully equipped with 10-30x maginifying digital microscopes. All stones are setted by hand by trained setters, no setting by machine or in wax.

Continuity – all produced pieces have to be the same as the model in your display. The setting of 5x1,3 mm stones has to be equally long on your sample and in each individual delivery. To achieve this quality on 1000 different models takes extreme dedication.

Warranty – each stone is fixed with guaranteed 100% quality, as feedback from our clients assures us - they have no complaints whatsoever in the first few years due to the quality of setting. The only rings we get returned are those with stones falling out because they are inappropriately enlarged, or those heavily worn out.

Types of setting
We have prepared several samples with examples of stone settings that can be combined with our models, if the design of the specific model itself allows it.

*The note bellow the picture contains the required ring specifications for similar type and style (position and number of stones) of setting.

SET1 A / channel setting, horizontal position / 5*0,015ct / recommended ring height > 1,35 mm

SET1 B / channel setting, vertical position / 3*0,015ct / recommended ring height > 1,35 mm

SET1 C / channel setting, diagonal position / 4*0,015ct / recommended ring height > 1,35 mm

SET2 A / prong setting, horizontal position  / 5*0,01ct / recommended ring height > 1,35 mm

SET2 B / prong setting, vertical position  / 3*0,01ct / recommended ring height > 1,35 mm

SET2 C / prong setting, diagonal position  / 4*0,01ct / recommended ring height > 1,35 mm

SET3 A / flush setting, "stardust" style / 1*0,02ct+2*0,01ct+3*0,008ct / recommended ring height > 1,35 mm

SET3 B / prong setting, "wave" style / 9*0,02ct / recommended ring height > 1,35 mm

SET4 / flush setting, setting examples of various stone sizes / 0,005ct / 0,008ct / 0,01ct / 0,015ct / 0,02ct / 0,03ct / recommended ring height > 1,35 mm

SET5 A / combo flush/prong setting, "edge" style / 10*0,03ct / recommended ring height > 2,05 mm

SET5 B / heart shaped diamond / 0,12ct / recommended ring height > 2,05 mm

SET5 C / princess diamond / 0,05ct / recommended ring height > 2,05 mm

These are just a few basic samples of various setting posibilities - combination of types, styles, and stone sizes - possibilites are practically limitless as long as the technical requirements of some specific stone or type of setting are met.  


We set G+ SI1/VS2 diamonds in your wedding rings. If you want VS/VVS quality, we are always ready for your request, but please specify it in your order.

Other shapes – princess and baguettes - are normal, we keep certain sizes on stock in VVS quality. If you have a more specific request, like marquise, sure we will do it, but give us more time as we will probably have to buy the stone especially for your order.


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