1st Order

Upon successful registration, it is necessary to identify several prerequisites before starting a business on a regular basis.

First of all, before ordering samples of models in brass, determine the characteristics of models specific to your needs (we offer thousands of models, something for everyone...). Monocolour, multicolour, simple plain models, or complex models with various patterns, with or without stones. Of course, when the business develops over time, it is nice to have an extensive range of models and thus stand out from the competition, but it is also wise to start cautiously at first.

We have prepared a few starter packs for businesses in development.

Wedding rings brass samples
Probably the best one is the tray with simple, plain models, consisting of 6 different profiles, with each profile made in 5 different widths - B tray. 30 pairs in total, with additional samples of 5 different types of stone settings, and 5 types of matte surfaces. Imagine the number of possible combinations – your customer or you could design your own models quickly and easily.   

Another recommended starter pack - L1 tray - is simply a combination of best-selling models.

And the third one – something exclusive – classical eternity models - 4 different sets, each set with different stone setting (ETH). Each set consists of 7 rings set with different size of stones - the price of one set is 135€, and the tray is included in that offer too. Of course it is possible to order them in all available colours of gold. 

Engagement rings – silver samples of best selling models
Based on statistics, we have also made a list of best-selling solitaire engagement rings, and produced 2 sample trays with 10 solitaire models, each set with 5 different stone sizes (10 different models in one tray with stones from 0,05 to 0,25 ct, and in another tray with stones from 0,30 to 1.00 ct). More info on that topic here.

Ordering procedure
Before making an actual order, we have to determine the method of your measuring technique (“in the middle of the ring” or “on top of the line”) and type of ring size chart in use in your everyday practice (for example – diameter type of measuring or Germany-France ring size). This is very important and the most common reason for error.

Be as precise as possible in the ordering process. Always specify the purity of gold, colour, exact size of both rings, the size and the number of stones, and of course the type of the stones (Cubic Zirconia or Diamonds) and the type of setting - if different from the original model. Don’t forget to specify the text for the engravings, the typeface and desired symbols.

Please keep in mind that the usual time to produce an actual order may depend on multiple factors – period of season, order size, complexity of order etc. Do not forget to include the time required for delivery. Of course, it would be the best if sales start right away, but that will most likely not be the case. Maybe your orders will initially be on a weekly basis. If possible, try to prolong delivery for your clients and accumulate orders to save on postage. Try to specify the end date of delivery bearing in mind all the above. There is always an option to produce an order urgently – in that case, count on an additional expense.

There are multiple ways to order – you can use a web form, our own offline excel based order form (for bigger orders, made for automatic import of your orders), or you could just send an e-mail with required data. If possible, avoid ordering by phone to prevent misunderstanding.

Delivery and required paperwork
After an order has been produced, passed multiple quality control, and is ready for delivery, an Invoice is created based on the price of gold on the day of delivery – if we have done an estimate in advance, we apologize if it differs from the final price due to a possible change of the price of gold.

Please provide us with accurate company and shipping information as well - if different from your business address to avoid potential problems.

Our production is located inside EU, hence the whole process is simplified for clients inside EU.

For additional info, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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