Natural diamond policy

Natural diamonds vs Lab grown diamonds (or synthetic diamonds)
At the moment of making this article (October 2020), all the products we produce are set with natural diamonds. 

We are aware of increasing trends of Lab grown diamonds on the market. We find both natural and synthetic have strong arguments to sell, but we incline toward working with natural ones. However, as we are experienced producer of jewelry, being on the market for 85 years, we are always ready to adapt to specific needs of your clients – we will PRODUCE, no matter what your request might be.

In a way Cubic Zirconia is just a diamond imitation, and there is a great chance that in future business ventures we will not offer an option to choose between Natural diamond and CZ any more, but only between Natural diamond and Synthetic diamond as its cheaper sibling.

Natural fancy colour diamonds in Intense and Vivid colour variations are super rare, and therefore very expensive, so in this range we even recommend to buy Synthetic diamond in intense or vivid fancy colour – the price could be several times more affordable, and consequently lead to easier sell scenario to a wider range of clients.

Of course, we always prefer to work with natural diamonds, if your clients are able to afford them.

Natural diamond (brilliant cut / 1,6 ct / VS1) set in one of our models


Lab Grown diamond - (brilliant cut / 1,010 ct / SI1)

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