Book or Buy the stone

We have made public our stock of bigger diamonds, to make it easier for our customers to order. It is worth mentioning that every bigger diamond has its individual characteristics and consequently the price, unlike smaller diamonds up to approx. 0,30 ct which have fixed prices and are always available on stock in large quantities. 

All registered clients are able to book a specific stone for a period of 24 hours (or 72 hours in case of weekends). The procedure is as follows:

1. Use your credentials to log in
2. Go to and book a specific stone for period of 24 hours (72 hours on weekends) - the client is able to book a maximum of two stones. In that period the selected stone appears in the list as reserved, and the reservations are disabled for that stone. After the expiration of the specified period, the stone is again available for reservations. If you unbook the stone in that period, you are unable to book it again within 72 hours.

If you are sure you need a particular stone, you can buy it. The stone is then immediatelly removed from the list. Upon confirmation, you commit to buy the selected stone, either built into the jewelry that we will produce for you or as a loose stone. It is possible to cancel the purchase at this step if you have changed your mind.

In case you need something specific, and not available on our stock, just let us know, it will be ordered for you from our suppliers as soon as possible.

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