3D Design

With a wide range of our own engagement rings jewelry designs, we are certainly able to fullfil most of clients’ wishes. However, in case of specific requirements, we move on to 3D printing technology. Almost anything could be produced based on just a sketch.

The production starts with 3D visualization. Upon completion, it is sent to the client for confirmation (in the form of images and animation). 


When the design process is conluded, model is being printed on 3D printer in the desired size, and then casted in gold. Finally, it is being prepared for stone setting, and after that for final processing (engraving and fine polishing).

The process itself is time-consuming and the production takes about a week (it depends however on the season and availability of production capacities).

The process of making a 3D model includes the following:
- 3D visualization (with one additional redesign according to customer requirements)
- printing a model in light-sensitive resin on 3D printers
- casting a model in gold
- final processing (rough processing of casted model, preparing for stone setting, engraving of the model, and finally polishing as the last stage of production process)

Additional costs are as follows:
- stone setting 
- stones (diamonds, various other precious stones, for example rubies, emeralds, sapphires etc., or semiprecious stones)
- gold (the price of metal, variable, depeding on the current market price, calculated on the day of delivery)

Diamonds or precious stones
Our clients are able to choose from a large selection of stones on our stock. Part of our stock is available for reservation online (larger Diamonds only, more info here, please check for availabilty of other precious stones - Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires).

Smaller stones (Diamonds up to 0,30 cts, other precious stones, semiprecious stones and cubic zirconia) are always available on our stock in large quantities. 
If there is a need for a special stone that is not currently available on our stock, please contact us, we'll get everything you need as soon as possible.


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