Gold purity testing

We test the purity of gold used in our production on a regular basis - each freshly casted gold bar is immediately examined. Additionally, since our production is mostly based on 14k gold, every piece of jewelry produced in different gold purity is also individually tested in order to prevent accidental replacement of same products in different purity of gold.

Our mission is to ensure customer confidence in our reliability as a producer.

For that purpose, we use nondestructive precious metal assay and karat ID analyzer made by Olympus. The GoldXpert XRF analyzer obtains alloy chemistry and karat classification with one nonintrusive test.

Recently we have started to offer the metal detection service to our clients. Price depends on several factors, and is as follows:

  Time of analysis (longer=more precise)
Pcs. 5 sec. 10 sec. 60 sec.
1 6€ 10€ 15€
2 8€ 13€ 22€
3 9€ 16€ 29€
4 10€ 19€ 36€
5+ 2€ 4€ 9€


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