Natural Fancy Shape Diamonds

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Natural Fancy Shape Diamonds

Title Size Clarity Color Cut Fluor. Cert. Laser SEAL Price
Diamond (Princess cut) 0,36 ct (3,96x3,81x2,84) SI1 E EX/VG NONE GIA

1.598,70 €
Diamond (Princess cut) 0,51 ct (4,52x4,42x3,17) SI1 G EX/EX NONE GIA

2.349,30 €
Diamond (Princess cut) 0,52 ct (4,55x4,37x3,26) VS2 H EX/VG NONE GIA

2.672,40 €
Diamond (Emerald Cut) 0,5 ct (5,19x3,83x2,55) VS2 G VG/VG NONE GIA

3.250,00 €
Diamond (Oval) 0,198 ct (4,97x3,37x1,95) VS2 F VG/VG NONE IGI

761,75 €
Diamond (Oval) 0,301 ct (5,19-3,93x2,28) SI1 D G/VG NONE IGI

1.435,00 €
Diamond (Emerald Cut) 0,5 ct (6,09x4,47x2,86) SI1 D VG/VG FAINT GIA

2.558,80 €
Diamond (Marquise cut) 0,31 ct (7,95x3,53x1,93) SI1 H VG/VG FAINT GIA

1.011,85 €
Diamond (Marquise cut) 0,33 ct (8,07x3,66x2,02) VVS1 H VG/VG MEDIUM BLUE GIA

1.206,93 €
Diamond (Heart shape) 0,51 ct (4,55x5,51x3,35) SI1 E VG/VG FAINT GIA

2.485,00 €
Diamond (Radiant cut) 0,59 ct (4,95x4,74x3,19) SI1 E G/VG NONE IGI

2.358,75 €

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