Non working days     (Published: 22.12.2022.)
Dear associates and business partners,non-working days during the upcoming holidays in Krizek Jewelry factory are: - 23.12.2022- 26.12.2022 - 2.1.2023- 6.1.2023 ...

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Happy New Year 2023     (Published: 22.12.2022.)

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Heart jewelry     (Published: 12.12.2022.)
For the upcoming holidays, and the time of giving, we have made something special. Have a look ...

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Champagne diamonds     (Published: 05.12.2022.)
Due to the growing interest of our customers, in our offer you can now also find brown (Champagne) diamonds, most often combined with red gold. Currently available sizes range from 1 mm to 2.3 mm. They are of very good quality, and consequently the pri ...

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Benzinger     (Published: 29.11.2022.)
We are happy to inform you that the long-desired Benzinger 5@work, a 5-axes machining centre, has arrived! Benzinger is currently working at half capacity because it is still in the initial programming phase. We must say that we are very satis ...

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2022 increase of prices     (Published: 21.10.2022.)

We as factory are faced with extreme energy cost inflation, both Electricity and Gas are x5 more expensive than before October 1st.

Only for registered users.

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F collection of wedding rings     (Published: 30.06.2022.)
Dear business partners, since there is often a need for different widths of men's and women's ring in a set of wedding bands, with this idea we made one of our new collections. In addition to different widths, the design is characterized by 5 c ...

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Moissanite Engagement Rings     (Published: 09.06.2022.)
As you know, we have recently intruduced moissanite in our regular offer - affordable upgrade from Cubic Zirconia that excels with its resistance to scratches and even higher refractive index than diamond. We made several models in combination ...

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Lab grown Diamonds     (Published: 17.11.2021.)
We have recently introduced laboratory-grown diamonds into our offer. Now your customers can choose between natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds, synthetic moissanite and cubic zirconia.More information can be found at the following link: ...

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