Engagement rings - Silver samples

We have designed two collections of 10 best-selling engagement rings, made in silver, and the main difference between these two collections is in the size of stones - one collection covers the range of smaller stones, i.e. from 0,05 ct to 0,25 ct, and the other one the upper range of stones (the bigger ones), i.e. from 0,30 ct to 1,00 ct (or more).

It is worth mentioning that prices of smaller stones (in the first collection, stones up to 0,30 ct) are fixed and can be found in our standard diamond price list. On the other hand - considering the second collection - the price and the exact size of stones is available on request - it depends on market availability. Check our stock online.

Opened foldable tray

Both collections of samples are presented and sold in foldable boxes made of artificial leather and are very portable and practical for presentation. Samples are made of silver, with cubic zirconia. Each collection contains 50 rings. Although the rings are made of silver - they are not intended for sale to an end customer as jewelry, because of the special protective coating that gives them greater resistance to atmospheric influences - they will last longer, and retain initial shine for a long time.

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